Top Easy Tips to Climb Easier in League of Legends Season 11

There is a lot of free LP to gain when doing your placements, so it’s important that you play to your best ability and get a good start.

It has been almost a week since League of Legends Season 11 started. The changes to new itemization system since Patch 10.23 make the 2021 season different than before. Not to mention the introduction of new champions adds another factor to a player's strategy when it comes to grinding.

With all those changes, along with the removal of the inter-division promotion series, players are going to be looking for every advantage possible. If you want to maximize your odds of placing high and climbing quickly, here are some tips to help in Season 11!

Know the LoL Champions

This may seem obvious, but we cannot stress how important it is to know the champions. As of August 2020, there are 150 champions, and knowing their abilities can help you counter your opponents’ picks.

the new items and updated builds

If you’ve been out of the loop, Riot added, adjusted, and removed tons of items to the game in the pre-season.

Every champion should now be purchasing a new genre of item called a Mythic item. Each build is limited to 1 Mythic item with each offering a variety of different benefits.

We will not go into detail about each of the new items as there is a lot to discuss and it can get overwhelming quickly. Luckily, we have broken down each of the new items in our Season 11 item guides.

Don’t force yourself to play ranked immediately

This isn’t a tip, but more friendly advice. Do not feel pressured into playing ranked at the start of the season if you’re not ready, or if you don’t think you’re up to scratch.

There is a lot of free LP to gain when doing your placements, so it’s important that you play to your best ability and get a good start.

Do not play the game or play your placements just because your friends are or other players are doing theres. The climb is a marathon, not a sprint. Get the best start possible and start whenever you’re ready. There is no rush.

Pace how many games you play

It is pretty common for players to grind a ton of games on the first day of the new season. As you need to play 10 games in order to get placed, it is easy to see why players will be trying to go get them done quickly.

Our advice is to not fall into the trap of playing all your placement games right at the beginning of the season (or at least not play all 10 games on the first day). Instead, try to split your gaming sessions over 2-3 days.

Play at maximum 5 games to increase your chances of winning more games. If you lose a few games in a row, take a step back and stop playing for the day.

If you play 10 games straight, you’re harming your chances of getting a good starting rank purely because you’re going to start to play worse after the first few games due to fatigue.

Familiarize yourself with the latest champions

It felt like Riot were popping out champions left, right and centre in Season 10, and in the latter part of 2020, we had a few new releases to hit Summoners Rift.

Similar to a previous point, it’s important that you learn how to play against the newer champions to understand what they do and how to beat them.

Some of the latest champions like Samira and Seraphine are on the higher end of our Mobalytics Tier List right now and are incredibly strong, so it is key to know how to play against them when they’re frequently being played.

Warm up your CSing and other mechanics

Farming and gold income is one of the most impactful things a player can learn to master. Earning lots of gold will allow you to buy your items faster than the enemy laner and enable you to create more leads further down the line.

For example, getting a lot of early gold will allow you to buy a core item while the enemy may be stuck on 2 basic items (like double Long Sword for ADCs).

Go into the practice tool and try to sharpen up on last hitting and securing those minions. You don’t have to do it every day or after every game, but it’s good to try and do it often so you stay on form.

If you’re a Support and your champion takes either Relic Shield or Steel Shoulderguards, you can earn more gold in the early game by focusing on securing melee minions and cannon minions. On the first (or second) wave, use 2 stacks on the melee minions.

Then your third stack will be up in time for the third wave which you can then consume on the cannon minion. From there, repeat cannon melee, cannon melee. This will allow you to earn more gold and help you complete your warding quest quickly. Do not kill any ranged champions as they give very little gold.

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