How to trade in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: The most effective coin-making strategies and techniques

FIFA Ultimate Team is all about assembling the most talented group of players possible, but doing so can be extremely expensive


FIFA Ultimate Team is all about assembling the most talented group of players possible, but doing so can be extremely expensive.

SBC solutions provides trade players.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are a great way to obtain packs and untradeable players in FIFA Ultimate Team without having to spend real money. Every evening at 6 p. m. GMT, new SBCs are released, and many people will attempt to solve them as quickly as possible in order to receive the rewards.

Making educated guesses about which players will be required for SBCs has long been a popular trading strategy, with Reddit posts and Discord discussions attempting to predict which games will be included in the Marquee Matchups each week.

A more clever strategy in FIFA 22 is to use FUTBIN's SBC solutions to trade popular players, which is a feature of the game. As a result, while solutions in the SBC section are listed in order of lowest price, the top solution will frequently cost a little more than some of the lower solutions because people will automatically click into that option and purchase those players, even if the prices are higher than those listed on FUTBIN.

When the prices are updated again, the solution that was previously ranked 5th may rise to the top of the list as the most affordable option. In other words, if you have invested in players fromcheap FIFA 22 coins solution, they will be in higher demand now and you will be able to sell them at a profit.

Purchase during periods of high demand.
Many people save up their packs in the hopes of opening them during these times in the hope of receiving a special card or two. Special cards are usually at their most expensive right after they are released in packs, according to market research.

Although the price of regular cards often drops during these periods, this is due to the factcoins FIFA 22 more packs than usual are opened and people are competing against one another on the market.

Once special-edition cards such as Team of the Week (TOTW) or promotional items (Rulebreakers, Freeze, and so on) are removed from packs, the value of those cards will rise. Sometimes this happens very slowly, but because they are no longer available in bulk, the supply is reduced and the price rises as a result.

Fortunately, SBC requirements frequently cause a spike in the price of special cards, making this an excellent time to sell. For example, SBCs for Player of the Month frequently require TOTW players to be submitted, particularly those with high ratings. It may take several weeks or months for these prices to rise significantly, but they rarely fall significantly, so even if you want to cut your losses, you are likely to break even or even make a profit.