The voice of the female character is OSRS Gold

The voice of the female character is OSRS Gold

The voice of the female character is OSRS Gold that I don't know much about. I'm not sure who the man in the back is, but maybe someone from Zaros. I just hope that it's a fascinating person and that there's some reason for it, not just an "Here's a new boss. Kill, fight, and stab." Keep up-to-date.

I'm hoping to God that they utilize their random dungeon generator to add an additional challenge prior to the boss. AS for teamwork, why not have an element where the player is disabled a player and someone else needs to free them, that's the most straightforward method. You could make use of random dungeon generators, however they'd need to be at max level to meet all tasks. That way you wouldn’t have to deal with the issue of dung being cut off because half the dungeon was suddenly shut.

The disabling idea I think is a great idea and would is in line with the notion of requiring collaboration. It could be possible to take To'kash's deep freeze attack and target one player only. It could also last for an extended time period before it would melt (not indefinite, but even if you're trapped by yourself, there's a chance of escape). This would make it more difficult for players to cooperate.

I can imagine bosses throwing at Dung style bosses to make tougher bosses. There are very few things you have to do in order to be successful. While some bosses may be less effective than others (Lexicus is one that comes to the mind) I think it's an excellent idea to alter the tactics used to kill them. This would make for interesting boss fights.

Jagex and the Dangers of a Half Assed Wildy

With all the excitement about the revival of the wilderness in the game, I'll examine the implications for the game. What would the new game mechanics Buy Old School RuneScape Gold the past few years will work with "the wild", and what problems this could cause.