New World: Void Gauntlet brings players a better gaming experience

New World: Void Gauntlet brings players a better gaming experience

In New World, Void Gauntlet is a game-changing weapon, because it is the first weapon other than the life staff to increase damage and healing through concentration, but it is also a magic weapon, so its main The attribute is intelligence. This makes it an incredible choice in any build of the game, because agile weapons like rapiers and muskets can also be scaled with intelligence.

In fact, since the launch of New World, Amber gems have been very popular because they allow players to use any weapon and life staff to mix and build. Due to its good healing effects, it is currently considered the best weapon in the New World Coins entire game. one. Since Void Gauntlet’s healing skills are only related to Focus, it makes sense to construct the character in at least one way that allows the player to get a total of 150 focus points, up to 300 points for maximum efficiency.

By using Void Gauntlet to make concentration one of the main attributes of the construction, players are born with an incredible choice to heal themselves, while the Staff of Life focuses almost entirely on healing themselves and others. However, New World’s Void Gauntlet has a damage-oriented tree and a support-oriented tree, which means players can easily get the best of both worlds when choosing this weapon.

In addition, another feature of Void Gauntlet is that it has innate actions that gamers can perform, which allows them to sacrifice their health and gain mana in return. This is especially useful for those who want to use the new weapon with another magic weapon that uses mana as a resource, because the Void Gauntlet itself can heal its users in various ways, and the damage they receive is quite controllable. .

Of course, due to the synergy of RPG New World Coins continuous treatment and the damage caused, Void Gauntlet will also become an excellent choice for Life Staff users, and it can also solve most of the mana problems that therapists may encounter. If players want to get better performance in the game, it is very necessary to buy New World Coins from NewWorldCoins as long-term support. It can help players gain a greater advantage.