Auto-training is not a part of my guidelines

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Okay, I'm pretty sure I know what afk means. However I was thinking: Is it in RuneScape Gold violation of RS rules? What would be best for me? You are welcome to suggest changes to these items. What do you think I should do to improve the afk train? Include the addresses of the monsters you suggest.

AFK training goes against RS rules. If it's done in small increments to ensure that RS doesn't log you out and you don't use an application to complete the job, then that's fine. All you need to do is click, and then quit your computer. However, using programs to train while you are far from the keyboard... yeah thats not allowed under the rules of Runescape.

This is a terrible idea. Everyone hates autoers. I don't recommend the way I've described, in which you click, then quit your keyboard for a few minutes. The time that you can quit the keyboard with no autologout is too short and you will never get anything done. It's better to stay on the computer, or go through a book and increase the volume to let the creature die if you are training combat skills.

This works well for melee and mage because you don't need to worry about runes, regardless of whether they were carried. You will often need to take the ammo along when you travel to range. While you could be able to, it's likely that someone else has ammo at the time you kill the beast.

Auto-training is not a part of Buy RS 3 Gold my guidelines. I HIGHLY recommend against it. The only "AFK" training offered is that i have provided. It's more of "turn off chat so that no one is able to talk to me, and train while multitasking".