How to reset the CIBC online banking password?

CIBC bank has been offering banking solutions to its customers for a long now and now a large part of its offline banking customers have joined online banking services.

When you set up an online banking account with CIBC, you are needed to provide some personal details on the registration form. Apart from that, you are also asked to create a CIBC online banking password that would help you access your account securely.

However, not all users could remember their password and thus they end up forgetting it. Hence, to make it convenient for the users, CIBC allows its customers to reset their online banking passwords in a few short and simple steps. Thus, if you are also one of those online banking customers who have forgotten their passwords, then you can easily regain access to your account by following the instructions listed below.

After you have reset the CIBC online banking password, make sure that you do not forget it again. Therefore, you are advised to note it down at a safe place. With that known, let us now proceed with the detailed guide on resetting the password.

Method to reset the password

Note: After resetting the password, you will need to create a new password for your account. Hence, while you set up a new password, you should make sure that it is not easy to guess and includes a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters.

  1. Open a new tab in your web browser
  2. Go to the website- cibc online banking
  3. Then, locate the sign-in window at the right side of the page
  4. Choose "Reset your password" under the password field
  5. Then, enter your 16-digit card number
  6. Provide the expiry date of the card
  7. Provide your phone number along with the area code and click "Next"
  8. Follow the prompts and create a new password for CIBC online banking


That is how easily you can reset the password of your CIBC online banking account in case you ever forget it. A forgotten password should not be a thing to worry about as all online platforms come with the option to reset it right there in their login section.