The gap between the OSRS and RS3 teams

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Wouldn't even bother using it to get altars anymore. Make a few hidey holes, do some quests and outside that there is not any purpose whatsoever for OSRS gold the ability to exist. No purpose is served by the ability. Requires an whole rework and individuals will need to quit pretending like having an in-house Bank is a sport destroyer, as if we do not have 1 click infinite access to several banks with the ability to return to our previous place just as instantly. Times have changed. If you want building for a good rewarding cosmetic QoL skill to construct a GOOD home with, you need banking, proper trophy display, the current portal need a tune up.

Or it may be a mini world gate notion: 1 portal site with teleported places added by charging it. Aka all spellbook teleports available if you pay it to charge just like it now is. Training the ability with high EXP rates outside the house the proper manner, then you construct the actual home parts after you're the right level. HOUSE THEMES are have to possess ++++. That is much more of an expansion into the already set up walls and floor option.

I would be 100 percent with Structure being a money sink with little to no usage in Runescape. The home could do with performance. Like, we can't even put on our beds or sit in our chairs. Let us create a home and move the furniture round. If we're given the option at least to be liberated and enjoy it like a house then I believe that are a happy medium. You gotta give usage or functionality to it since it stands it's a waste of money and I leveled it to get to Prif. I think Higgs was focusing on changes that flip the houses into more of an RP focused area as opposed to a support facility. And some thing more such as base camp or a Player Owned Barracks could be a good alternative in order to add support functionality.

I think that they're more looking at it as a way to add functionality without it being drastically different in terms of training and it's influence on external aspects of Runescape. More like incorporating RP performance, than conventional support/artisan skill functionality. By making them a location to socialize/facilitate something or parties, sort of like a residence. So I can kind of see where they are coming from, on account of the nature of a'house' being what it is IRL, the seeming overwhelming desire of the playerbase is to earn the POH into more of a Player possessed base camp or Barracks, a place to visit create prepping for different activities faster/easier for some player.

Which admittedly a lot of that functionality is already accessed areas like Max guild or Wars Retreat. Apart from what current POH's already have. Which the concept of cheap RS gold a camp/village may be something cool to amuse for a rework. A larger scale area to train structure, starting with your house, then moving on to a settlement for NPC's who could then become employees of some sort that create choices for passive XP gain like POF mixed with miscellania. Greater your level the various typed of functional buildings that your camp could have, from a smith to replace the armor rack, to a bank, or even a mage for tele's etc..