Until you perform with a post lock which you can't do shit about sounds good.

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I concur with most of these and you've got a lot of good things, but I think rated matchmaking would push many high rep gamers. Playing against the same perspiration lineups over and over will stop me from playing NBA 2K21. If there was rated matchmaking on 2K21 MT, for instance, almost every match I play could be against dual playlocks/playlock and re-wing or some post scorer and lockdown. Yeah, destroying new gamers and chase them out is far better, right? You aren't understanding his purpose.

You are not understanding my point. Playing with park you receive a mixture of sweats and players. Matchmaking that is ranked would be assists. Now if I'm a random playing randoms, let's go against a team of fellow randoms, who cares if they're sweats or newbs, really what matters is if people are in a celebration together or are randoms.

Until you perform with a post lock which you can't do shit about sounds good. Sounds great until every game you play is. Gtfo here guy, thats why I do not play stage no more, everyone just abuses the most poisonous shit from NBA 2K21 to triumph, and with all the rng there's close to nothing else you can do. I rarely see anyone if I do I seldom see anyone pass and who's a post player. So yeah the article fade is overpowered but nobody uses it. True meta comp teams will, they let him score easily every time, but like I said do not let them play with a group of randoms and will pass to the guy from the post. They're currently communicating and if it is a group of men in a celebration they can attempt playing with something or with zone.

I' m not talking about a rated matchmaking, my idea would be to separate"group" and"solo" so in the event that you team up (whit buddies or randoms you think might fit your playstyle in the area ) you will be paired up against 3 individuals that awakened also. If you run"solo" you will be matched whit another team of 3 randoms which didn't team up. I'd abandon a matchmaking platform that is rated at a better version of 3v3 pro-am. So there's no matchmaking? Like if I am an elite and I play I can get bums? Ngl I fall off a bunch of low rep randoms and could play with solo.

Inside my idea if you play you get matched up whit 5 random people that entered into perform solo, completly random, whit something like a position lock so in every team you receive C or a PF along with also a PG or SG. If you don t need to perform whit randoms you can go at a"group up" zone (maybe facing where you search a match ) and search for people. Just like you can do in the neighborhood. If you would like to play with 1v1 or 2s, 3s prior to the system starts searching if you input solo you select. If you want to play 2s teamed up whit somebody you input the"team matchmaking" as a team of two people.

If you are a group of two and want to play 3s togheter you'll need to Cheap NBA 2K21 MT find someone to"team up" whit before entering the"group" matchmaking. You didn't answer my question. If I'm an elite will I get low reps? If the matchmaking is random for solo whats stopping me and falling other randoms off? The reason park is enjoyable because you get to chose who you play is with. If you are playing a squad is there rated matchmaking?