You'll get 3011 prayer xp should you bury all the bones.

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Begging does not count. In case the cash was granted to train a skill (I.e get turmoil). As a present for RuneScape gold a 99 or something like that. Just random money due to friend ship or enjoyable. I'd 50M once but that was because... dicing/RWTed 9M/botted on a different account then transfered money to my main. I felt so bad that I was going to kill myself then Mic and Jake saved me. :P I decided to stop my account that I had worked really hard on and made an account which... would be 100% legit. The botting was completed because people at school persuaded me to perform it. The RWT was becuase I was bad and wanted to get rich. Now as I mature I know to be completley honest. And it seems all my RS buddies are eally pround of me for changing especially Tcmp3 and Jake. And that I should not feel bad anymore right? I changed my perspective on everything. I knew that a match is something to play for pleasure and if I cheat on it may opt to cheat IRL too. I changed my point of view. And I felt awful about being really poor so that I RWTed. The identical website which gives UGC cards that I use to acquire mems additionally gives paypal cash so I just used it.

Also, together with the 10M that I merched and obtained up to 18M quite fast. If I can find another 10M fast (100% legit) then the money should start rolling in. That is prob. Just how much I had in complete ever. Also, I discovered before that merching got really simple for me by 10M... I got to 18M in one month. :lol: Then I diced it away. Yeah just wanted to tell you. Do you men know the particular day you created your account? STR is good to stay ahead ( what I heard )...

Mage should be done with your best spell on lessers till you can low alch, then high alch. 20 to 30 on melee can be done by monks. 30 to 40 can be done on fleshies. 10 to 20 ranged can be carried out with the goblin spot I showed you. Next 20 to 30 can be performed on monks or minotaurs. 30 to 40 in the jail guards spot I showed you. 40-50 can be performed at fleshies. In addition, when you buy 30, you are able to do mountain giants. If you sell all the bones, you can earn 252k (30-50)

You'll get 3011 prayer xp should you bury all the bones. You have a 350k trade limit so far. The rest of the questions are rather pointless. Is it the new people? Are monks actually that good? Can they give decent xp? Monks give un endless health (they treat you),but really shouldn't be training on them following 30ish. Thank you... but would you mind answering the other questions? I put alot of time ... I wish somebody would answer them. They are actually quite dumb questions and they don't even help you or Old School RS Gold answer anything related.