New World: How to become the best archer of Aeternum

New World: How to become the best archer of Aeternum

Due to the need to maintain or even manufacture ammunition supplies, New World players may tend to avoid ranged weapons. But don't worry, players can choose the bow in New World as the primary or secondary weapon. The bow allows the New World Coins player to cause high-quality damage from a distance, while providing some skills to make the player's offense more diverse.

If the player is interested in becoming the best archer of Aeternum, then the player needs to assign the attributes correctly, equip the necessary armor and auxiliary weapons, and put the player's proficiency point in the appropriate position. The main attribute of the bow is agility. Every time you upgrade, the player should mainly put all the attribute points into agility, while occasionally putting one or two points into the physique to maintain health, as well as the main attributes of the auxiliary weapon. Once the agility has reached the maximum value, the player should start putting more points into the main statistics of physique and secondary weapons.

Players can choose the melee weapon as the second choice in the melee scene. Since most of the player's points are used for agility, the player's best choice is a rapier or a spear. Like the bow, the rapier has a skill tree that allows players to focus on damage or dodge, but the spear has more crowd control options. The 20% damage bonus of light armor weight should be the first choice for players to use bows and arrows. But if the player is more inclined to use the bow's crowd control ability, medium armor weight is also a good choice.

There are two options for bows: skirmishers and hunters. Skirmishers focus on inflicting damage over time, using AoE abilities, and slowing down the enemy's speed, while hunter trees are the original damage output. If the player's goal is to Buy New World Coins maximize the basic damage of the player's arrows, cause as much damage as possible over time and keep a distance from the player's enemies. Then, the player's core active skills should be the rapid shooting of the hunter tree, and the arrow rain and poison shooting of the skirmisher tree.

Fast shooting has the greatest damage output potential among all active skills in the hunter tree, especially when it is fully upgraded. It also has a knockback effect. Both Arrow Rain and Poison Arrow have a great continuous damage effect. The upgraded Arrow Rain will cause bleeding and slowing down, while Poison Arrow will cause huge damage through a blank shot when it is upgraded. In addition, players can purchase a large amount of New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to strengthen their armed forces.