Animal Crossing: New Horizons players keep finding increasingly complex item duplication glitches

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons players keep finding increasingly complex item duplication glitches. First, there was the cloning glitch that required two separate players and a spinning item. The next worked under highly specific circumstances — 2x1 items could be duplicated by rotating them around a table. Now, there’s another one that lets you duplicate any item you can send in the mail, but it’s got a heckuva lot of steps. Oh, and it’s also essentially a speedrun.

To do this glitch, you’ll need three separate characters on your island, moveable mailboxes, and two Joy-Con controllers. But before you begin, you’ll want to move mailboxes close to your Resident Services plaza to make things quicker — but if you can’t do that, there are still ways to make this work. It’s just harder. And if you want to buy Animal Crossing Bells, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Yet another item duplication glitch in New Horizons has been found by Do Whatever Games on YouTube. The glitch involves manipulating the game's postal system to create doubles of any item sent to a friend as a present (which unfortunately rules out bugs, fish, and plants). According to the video, the exploit can only be performed if the player has two or more other players registered on their island, but a single player can do this with two extra controllers. Choose between one and three items and send them to one of the player characters through the mail. Once the items arrive, use the NookPhone's Call Resident app on to get that player character into the game.

Make the mail recipient the leader, and have them open up their mail. They should open the presents and drop the items on the ground, after which you should immediately use the Call Resident app once again to play with a different player instead of your mail recipient. Once they've popped in to the game, end the session; you should find that the items are still on the ground, and that if you repeat the process, your mail recipient will still have those items in their mailbox, ready for you to do the whole thing over and over again.