Or how about another perspective?

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This is a common complaint about the sport. In order to RuneScape gold keep up with your neighbors, you need to examine through the day to keep updating your town, military, protection, ect. If you put it off for to long, you waste your city sits their essentially doing nothing, just waiting to be assaulted. I'll just let my good friend Max clarify it better:"The actual gameplay is designed for hardcore gamers since you need to login throughout the day. You don't have to worry on every waking moment, but you have to be on this game some portion of everyday to keep up with anybody else who is competitive. The top scores feel as if they are purely reserved for those paying and playing all day ."

I also asked many players - Can you think War of Legends will be successful? They all had varied responses, but most answers consisted of the same fundamental idea. War of Legends is nothing special, there are many games just like it around the net and already well recognized. But does that mean it's going to be a collapse? "Evony, Civilization, The Sims, along with other games that are similar are successful so that this game should be as well." That's one way to check at it! Enough players to move around!

Or how about another perspective? "No it will not be prosperous. Considering how many matches like this already exist, there's really nothing separating this sport from the other games. It's a very limited approach to battle, using a"scissor-paper-rock" systems which allows for little strategy."

To put it differently, you cover real world cash to get an edge in the game. In-game items for real world cash. Apparently Jagex likes the idea, as long as they get the cash. What do players consider JCredits? "I would much rather find the game call for OSRS buy gold a small charge and recieve member benefits than have Jcredits buy in-game items."