There are loads of kickstarters which use animal crossing

There are loads of kickstarters which use animal crossing

Be mindful, I visit a great deal of awesome layouts become shut down by Nintendo for copyright if things possess too much likeness to the Animal Crossing Bells origin. That being said, I would totally get a deck of them, they're so very good!!

Count me in too! There are loads of kickstarters which use animal crossing along with other Nintendo related characters and designs with no consequence, so its possible!

I want you to be prosperous! Double check Nintendo's policy on using their likeness. Might just want an email of acceptance. Amazing work!

Hmm Nintendo* traditionally has 0 chill about using their IPs but maybe I'm out of the loop in their present dispositions towards this

I've definitely heard the exact same. I could just be maintaining this as a private variant.

If you aren't going to offer them illegally, then why not take them a message anyway? You're definitely allowed to make them for your own personal usage under fanart.

Yeah, I had a tough time moving back and forth between who to use as the joker but I finally decided to do one of the jokers with Gulliver/Gullivarrr and the other with Reese Cyrus, since really, who buys a whole month performing wedding shoots?

I have undoubtedly heard that Nintendo is rather hard to get ahold of proper IP licenses so that this will be kept as just a private project for the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items time being! ;-LRB- I am definitely inspired to make more products for sale which don't require licensing proceeding forward though!