Can you discover these Desert Secrets?

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You can also place cannons or catapults in your ship to combat other enemy boats. This would be part of a mini-game. To sail your boat you need to have a navigator along with a priest to help show you how you can steer and operate the boat. Once you get to RuneScape gold a certain level you won't require a Captain or Navigator. You can have distinct rooms like cottages, a kitchen (That's where the Chef comes in), and even war room where you coordinate battles (Part of that mini-game see below). Well now on to the Mini-Game

Mini-game: Battleship (Looking for new titles, but battleship was the first that came into my head ) Goal: Destroy different ships and secure any loot they have. The way to playYou set sail with your ship and you're able to sail in any waters in runescape. If your ship sinks that you don't shed any items you have on you, you just lose your ship.

Then you need to re-build your boat or you can just rent one or buy one from another player or NPC. In addition you get kill-points for killing other players boats in which you can purchase items for your boat like planks, navagators, sails etc.. Overall it seems like a pretty cool ability. I would really like to hear any questions or suggestions that you have on this great new ability! Thanks!

Desert Secrets. Deep in the heart of the desert, the demon Azzanadra needs your help to assist in finding the lost grave of OSRS buy gold his master. In this new pursuit, you may encounter dangerous traps, shocking suprises, and haunting secrets that nobody has understood for over a million decades! Can you discover these Desert Secrets?